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Features our legacy series of caliper disc brakes for pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or Spring Applied Hydraulic service.

Used in the corrugated and paper industries, which are two of many industries where W.C. Branham caliper disc brakes can be found, maintain web tension control to minimize material run-off, as well as emergency stopping material rolls due to loss of hydraulic service.

W.C. Branham has a wide range of sizes, covering a wide range of applications, that create a wide range of solutions - so it's a good bet that we have the right caliper disc brakes for your industrial needs.

The seven different series of W.C. Branham caliper disc brakes featured in this catalog represent over 150 different model configurations available.

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  • A detailed breakdown of the 7 featured brakes 
  • Useful sizing formulas
  • A sizing worksheet

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