This is where you'll find product guides, whitepapers, brochures, maintenance sheets, technical data, newsletters and more available for download. CAD files and dimensional drawings can be found on specific product pages.

Guides / Catalogs / Whitepapers

OVLPRO Low Profile Cylinder Brochure

An overview of the basic functions of an OVLPRO pneumatic cylinder, the variety of rod/port configurations available along with their individual applications, and OVLPRO accessories.

DURATRK Rodless Cylinders Guide

An overview of the rodless cylinders within our DURATRK product group. Spec sheets and ordering configurators on the DTS Standard, DTK Short, and DTF/KF Guided cylinders.

Cable Cylinder Catalog

Includes cable cylinder selection guide, tubing & cable data, brake combination sizing guide, reed switch information, cylinder sizing worksheet, ordering processes, maintenance tips/instructions and other helpful information. 


Caliper Disc Brake Product Guide

Download this product guide to receive technical specifications, materials, and standard and optional features lists for W.C. Branham products.


Caliper Disc Brake Catalog

Includes useful sizing formulas, technical data, disc brake product line information, brake disc specifications and an interactive sizing worksheet.


Brake Sizing Calculator

Plug in a few stats, like the weight of the rotating member, radius of gyration, RPM, and required stopping time, and you'll be given the recommended torque and a suggested brake type for pneumatic/hydraulic and spring applied brakes.


Cylinder Force Calculator

With our cylinder force calculation table and editable spreadsheet, you can save time, prevent mistakes, and spec the right actuator for the job. We have created three calculation charts, each of which corresponds to the type of cylinder you expect to use.


Car Wash Door Opener Whitepaper

The purpose of this whitepaper is to point out when to use a premium quality pneumatic operator. It will also point out ways to evaluate the pay back of a premium pneumatic operator as well as the key features a buyer should be looking for.

Guide to Types of Actuators

Here is our guide to the two most common types of actuators — linear and rotary, the many variations of each, and their top applications. You can read the complete guide now or opt to download it as a PDF for later.

Pneumatic Spring Applied Brakes Guide

The W.C. Branham PFS Series Caliper Disc Brakes are intended to be used for intermittent emergency stopping and holding applications due to the relationship between spring force and friction pad wear.


The Definitive Guide to Right Angle Gearboxes

This guide details types of right angle gearboxes, how to select the appropriate gearbox for your application, when to repair vs. replace a gearbox, and related information. You can read the complete guide here or opt to download it as a PDF for later.